the concealing trio

THE CONCEALING TRIO Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing and telling my experience with my concealers and translucent setting powder.
Products i use for concealing my blemishes and dark cricles: 1.MAYBELLINE New York FIT ME Concealer in the shade medium.


HOW I CLEAN MY FACEHey everyone! before I tell you guys how I clean my face I want you all to know certain tips which can help you maintain a good and healthy skin. none of us want a bad or dull skin that is not very flattering to others . So here are a few tips before you start using any products for your a skin.  
(1)TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT KIND OF              SKIN YOU HAVE    People with dry skin :If your skin feels flaky after you wash your face then u have a dry skin texture. People with dry skin should use a gentle face wash, if it is a herbal product then it is very good for your skin.You are recommended to use non alcoholic skin care products because products which contain alcohol are too drying on skin.  I have a very dry skin and for that i use the "VLCC wild turmeric" face wash. Turmeric is a very good herbal ingredient for any kind of skin. It has anti-oxidant and exfoliating properties. People with normal skinPeople having normal skin don't need to bother much a…